Miracles! The Megaphone of God (Part 2)

RSFordham March 15, 2017


At times, like with the Patons, I’ve seen God’s handiwork in ways that are beyond explanation—nothing short of miraculous. “Miracles?” you ask. Yes, I’ve seen real bona fide miracles. Let me clarify something here, I’ve often heard people attribute the term miracle very loosely to events that do not qualify. It is not a miracle that “someone looked your way,” or that “it didn’t rain on game day.” A miracle is an event that defies a law of nature, or perhaps uses a law of nature but in a miraculous and unexplainable manner. A true miracle can have no rational explanation. And just like me, many of you can cite times in your lives when you have witnessed an event that defies a law of nature. Maybe you’ve seen a tumor or diagnosed disease vanish overnight; or perhaps you’ve witnessed a happening that can only be explained in a supernatural setting.

One day while studying the miracle of the Red Sea crossing with my high school Bible class at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, a young lady spoke up and questioned, “Why don’t miracles like that happen today?” Of course my answer was, “They do.” Obviously, no great body of water has divided in recent years, but there have been miracles on a frequent basis just the same, and they weren’t all what some might call small, personal miracles, like tumors vanishing. Some have been enormous and very public. Did you realize that West Point won’t even permit their students to study Israel’s 6 Day War because the events that led to their victory were so impossible there’s no way to explain them? They just ignore that it ever happened.

While most miracles today are not usually as huge as those recorded in the Scripture, they do still happen frequently on an individual level. I could personally share with you about a time when my brother’s nose was obviously broken, bleeding profusely and smashed on his face, and when Mom placed her hand on it and prayed the bleeding stopped suddenly and he was fine; or of the time when my Dad saw through a one-inch thick solid wooden gate to see that my life was in danger and was able to rescue me just before I was trampled by a herd of thirty-three cattle; or of the time when a wicked man who wanted to hurt my sister was throwing his entire body weight against the door of an old decrepit trailer in an attempt to gain entrance—a door that would normally open with the slightest pressure even when locked—yet the door held firm until the authorities arrived. Then there was the time when my sisters were driving in a horrible thunderstorm and found themselves within feet of a head-on collision with a semi when suddenly it vanished, only to later discover they had driven through a tornado that had lifted a semi from the road and set it down a good distance away. Finally, there was the time when a car’s security horn sounded just in time to warn me of danger. I later discovered that this specific car had no such security system. All of these events defied a law of nature or, as in the case of the tornado, used a law of nature but were clearly directed by the hand of God.

Yes, our God, the God who is the mighty and awesome Creator of the universe, does work in mysterious and miraculous ways in the lives of his children. What a comfort to know that, as Christians, we have his guarantee that, whether the times are easy or hard, He is always with us. As seen in the biblical story of the children of Israel trapped on the shore of the Red Sea, or in the more recent account of the Patons surrounded by angry cannibals, or in the lives of one simple pastor’s wife and her family, God has repeatedly proven that his love and protection knows no bounds.

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