God’s Providential Care Revisited

RSFordham March 15, 2017

I recently shared with you the story about how God’s providential care was seen in the lives of eighteen members of the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska—a real story originally told by Paul Harvey years ago.

While thinking about this church’s story, I recalled one of my own. A few years back my eldest son had a grapefruit-sized tumor removed from his stomach. In most cases this would have been no big deal, except my son has type O+ blood. The individual with type O+ blood can give their blood to anyone, but they can only receive blood from other type O+ individuals. Since the hospital where the surgery was performed stores all types of blood in its blood bank, they failed to do the “type of blood test” on my son until right before surgery began. Two hours into the surgery they received word back that his type O+ blood had two natural antibiotics in it which meant he couldn’t use just any type O+ blood, he had to have O+ blood that did not contain these antibiotics. The nearest blood that fit this requirement was over four hours away, which was an extremely serious mistake since this type of surgery usually requires the need for a good amount of blood replacement.

Where can God’s providential care be seen in this mistake? My son bled so little that the doctors didn’t need to use any additional blood, which was certainly God’s care since he could easily have bled to death before the right type of blood arrived.

What a great God we serve!

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