Treachery and the Innocent


How far will you go for your beliefs and your family?

For her faith and her family, Shema reluctantly participates in the kidnapping of a Central Intelligence Agency agent with her cousin Ishmael.

The plan backfires, leaving everyone in the group dead but Shema and Ishmael. Chaos ensues, and Shema scrambles to get away from the turmoil. Plagued by her conscience, she struggles to decide between following the same path or leaving behind her old life and her family.

Meanwhile, Ishmael is stuck in a sinking vessel with fatal injuries. A mysterious hand pulls him from death’s grasp, and he miraculously lives. In his search to discover how he survived, he ends up at the doorstep of someone he once believed to be his enemy.


Rockie Sue Fordham is the author of several youth books, including It’s Hard to Drain the Swamp When Yer up to Yer Eyes in Alligators!, the Jake and the Heavenly Host series, and The Treachery and the Innocent.

She teaches children in her local church, plays the piano, and sings with the church’s praise team.

Currently, she’s working on the second book of her Treachery series. She also works as a bookkeeper for her sister’s veterinary clinic.


Treachery and the Innocent

Shema’s heart raced as she jumped inside her car, grasped the key in the ignition and started the engine. Not only did she desperately want to leave this bloody, gruesome scene behind, she now wanted nothing more to do with her heritage or the cruelty that had plagued it for so long.

As the distance between her and Ishmael widened, the friendly, gentle smile of the man she had betrayed began to haunt her even more. He did not seem like the cruel, evil man her cousin had described. Instead, he had been concerned enough for her safety, a foreigner, to give of his time and effort to stop and help.

Ishmael’s lungs burned in torment as he fought against the undercurrent of the thrashing waves. He desperately needed oxygen, but he could not permit himself such a luxury, at least not yet, not while he was so close to the doomed vessel. His escape must remain secret. If he were spotted, his skin color, facial features, and bleeding and wounded body would no doubt identify him as one of the ship’s passengers. It would not take much more for the authorities to identify him as one of the terrorists. That could bring only disaster.

No one, neither the CIA agents nor his uncle must learn of his survival. If the CIA captured him, he would spend the remainder of his years in an American prison; and if he were recognized by anyone of Iraqi decent, word would certainly reach his uncle that he was still alive. That would be even more disastrous. At least the CIA would merely imprison him. His uncle would torture him, probably in a very public manner and for the precise purpose of bringing him shame and eventual death.

Sergeant Pool lay in his sleeping bag near the fire watching the sparks soar high into the air. His companions had long since fallen to sleep, so all was quiet in camp, except for the crackle of flames licking the cold night air. But even wrapped in the warmth of the heavy bag, he unwittingly shivered. Something wasn’t right. But what? He kept replaying the events of the day in his mind: the interview with Vance and David, O’Connor’s story about his sister, Tyndal’s mysterious absence, and Turner’s slip of the tongue. It didn’t fit together. Something was drastically wrong.

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